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What We Do

At “About Hail and Travel,” we’re not just tour guides; we’re storytellers, explorers, and artists. We believe that the world is a vast canvas filled with breathtaking moments waiting to be captured. Our passion is to help you unearth those moments and craft your own narratives through the art of photography, the wonders of national parks, and the architectural tapestry of cities.

Photography Tours

Photography tours are guided or self-guided excursions designed for photography enthusiasts who want to explore and capture the world through their cameras.

National Park Adventures

National park adventures are travel experiences that revolve around exploring and immersing oneself in the natural wonders and preserved environments of national parks

Architectural Walking Tours

Architectural walking tours are guided tours that focus on the built environment and the architectural history of a city or specific area.

About Us

Why Choose Us

Our photography tours are a symphony of light, composition, and emotion. We bring together photography enthusiasts from around the globe, whether you’re an amateur shutterbug or a seasoned pro. With our expert guidance, you’ll venture to some of the most picturesque corners of the world, unlocking your creative potential and enhancing your photography skills. We take you beyond the postcard views, revealing hidden gems and local perspectives. The call of the wild is undeniable, and our National Park Adventures echo that call. In the heart of pristine landscapes, we curate unforgettable experiences.

Photography Tours

These tours take participants to various locations, often with stunning natural landscapes or culturally rich settings, where they can take photographs and refine their photography skills. The emphasis is on capturing striking images, learning about composition and lighting, and creating memorable snapshots of the places visited. Professional guidance from experienced photographers. Visits to scenic or culturally significant locations.

National Park Adventures

National parks are protected areas known for their diverse ecosystems, wildlife, and breathtaking landscapes. These tours provide visitors with the opportunity to engage in outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, wildlife viewing, and learning about the environment and conservation efforts. Access to pristine natural landscapes and wildlife. Activities like hiking, birdwatching, and camping. Interpretive programs led by park rangers.

Architectural Walking Tours

Participants explore urban landscapes, neighborhoods, and historical districts to gain a deeper understanding of the city’s architectural heritage. These tours often involve stops at iconic buildings, landmarks, and structures, where guides provide insights into the architectural styles, historical context, and stories behind these structures. Guided exploration of architectural landmarks. Expert guides with knowledge of architectural history. Insight into the evolution of a city’s architecture.

What peoples say about us


I’ve been on several photography tours, but ‘About hail and Travel’ took my passion to a whole new level. The attention to detail in planning and the expertise of the guides made for an exceptional experience. I returned with a memory card filled with stunning photos and newfound knowledge. This is a must for any aspiring photographer.


Exploring national parks has always been a dream, and ‘About hail and Travel’ made it a reality. From the moment we stepped into the wilderness, I felt a deep connection with nature. Their commitment to responsible travel and the expertise of their guides made this journey unforgettable. I left with not just photos but a sense of stewardship for our planet.


Barcelona’s architecture is a testament to its rich history and culture. ‘About hail and Travel’ introduced me to a side of the city I’d never seen before. The walking tour was a journey through time and design, and the guide’s passion for the subject was contagious. I gained a newfound appreciation for the beauty that surrounds me every day.